Q: What's your photography style?

A: My approach can be defined as fine art-documentary, where my priority is to emphasize genuine emotions and unposed beauty by creatively framing each shot as you live through your big day. I’ll additionally add creative portraits with artistic lighting and guidance when you and the circumstances permit me to do so. You can expect me to give you the necessary guidance when necessary, however I’ll mostly try to catch you by surprise ;) 

Q: How many photographers will be covering my wedding?

A: From me alone (basic package) to as many as you want. As a former creative director, I am accustomed to working with entire teams to cover bigger events. Depending on the size of your event, I might additionally bring my assistant to help me with lighting the shots. Whereas booking additional photographers or videographers comes with additional costs, I will not charge you for my assistants.  

Q: Do you recommend an engagement shoot?

A: I do because engagement sessions are beneficial in many ways. They provide early photos for ‘Save the Date’ cards or your wedding day website. Also, they help you get comfortable with your photographer before the wedding, serving as a practical two-hour rehearsal. 

Q: How many hours should we book a photographer for?

A: I recommend having a consultation beforehand to determine the best coverage plan for your specific needs. Each wedding is unique, but a as rule of thumb I generally suggest starting at the second half of the bride’s preparations and remaining until at least an hour into the open dancing. 

Q: How many photos will we get and when?

A: On average between 30 and 40 high-quality pictures per hour.  

Q: Can we have the raw files?

A: No. RAW files are not available for viewing or purchase, because they are an unfinished product. The post-processing of each photograph is a meticulous adn time-consuming task, as I individually process each one to ensure its highest artistic quality.

Q: Do you also offer videography?

A: I pride myself for being one of the very few wedding shooters that is equally comfortable shooting video and photo and offer a hybrid package. Check out the packages page.  

Q: What if it rains?

A: I’m equipped to handle all weather situations on your wedding day and always have a contingency plan for the couple’s shoot. Plus, rain can actually add a unique and romantic element to your photos, which I’ll try to incorporate whenever possible. For engagement sessions, however, I do offer all couples a re-scheduling of the 2 hour session to make sure we have ideal conditions.  

Q: Can we receive additional photos beyond what's included in our package?

A: I always deliver all shots to the couple, even if it exceeds the agreed amount in your package. I only discard the ones with defects such as doubles, closed eyes, blurry pictures, which are not available for viewing purposes or purchase.